Free Freight Program

HMS Monaco is proud to announce our Freight Program. The following categories of products will be shipped with no freight or 1/2 freight charges to customers within the continental US only.

PRIZE KITS:                                      
*All Jewelry Kits                                 
*Sports Arena Kits                                      
*3" & 4" Capsule Kits
*Electronic Kits                                            
*Magnetic Crane Kits                                  
*Drill-O-Matic Kits                              
*Rotary Kits                                       
*Stacker Key Chain Kits                       
*Winners Cube Kits                             
*Key Master Kits                                                             

*Halloween Plush Packs
*Christmas Plush Packs
*Valentines Plush Packs
*Easter Plush Packs
*Standard NFL Plush Packs
*Standard MLB Plush Packs

Plush Packs and Prize Kits shipped to zones 2 and 3 in the continental US receive free freight. Due to increased shipping costs based on dimensional weight, all *Plush Packs and *Prize Kits shipped to zones 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 in the continental US will be shipped at half freight.

 HMS Monaco Freight Redemption Program

Orders of $500.00 or more in every redemptive product category will receive Free Freight to zones 2 and 3. For zones 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8, Redemption orders of $500.00 or more receive 1/2 Freight. Some exceptions may apply, including closeouts and redemption plush. Please consult your sales rep upon placing your order.

Free freight and ½ Free Freight are on ground shipments only. Next day, 2nd day, and 3rd day freight shipments are not included in the Free Freight Program.

Customers are responsible for the cost of COD tickets.